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Nonton film Even: Song For You terbaru

Even: Song For You

2 voting, rata-rata 6.0 dari 10

Rin is a popular singer. He is about to propose to his girlfriend Mami, but they get into an argument. Rin runs out of the home and, while walking around, he suddenly goes down in the middle of a crosswalk. Takehito is the vocalist of unpopular indie band “Even” and he happens to see Rin on his hands and knees at the crosswalk. Rin tries to help him get up, but they are involved in a car accident. When Rin wakes up at the hospital, he sees himself laying in the hospital bed unconscious. He realizes that he is in Takehito’s body. To Let Mami know that he is in Takehito’s body and to send her his love, he begins to write a song with the members of “Even.”

Diposting pada:
Genre: Music
Durasi: 87 Min